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CVD 530L Coating Furnace For Carbide CNC Insert

Place of Origin:Hunan, China
Brand Name:RDE
Model Number:CVD530L
Certification:ISO9001; ISO14001;: OHSAS 18001; GB/T29490
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:6-7 months
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
Supply Ability:1 set/month

With self-developed coating equipment, RUIDEER will select the matching coating process and coating materials for each customer's precision cutting tool; To ensure your precision cutting tools can excellently complete the specified application parameters in machining; We will provide you with the highest quality coating services from various aspects (pre-treatment, post-treatment, coating thickness, product inspection reports, colors, packaging), etc.

Quick Detail:

CVD Coating Furnace with Two Reactors


Carbide tools, indexable thread inserts, parting off, grooving inserts, carbide convertible inserts: coatings for turning inserts, milling inserts.

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Quick delivery time


Technical services&solutions


Good quality with reasonable price


In-time after sales solution


One year warranty

Furnace TypeRDE-CVD530-1600
Overall dimensions of reactor (φ*h)Φ530*1600mm
Usable Space (φ*h)Φ500*1500mm*2
tray diameterΦ375mm
tray quantity37 pcs
Total power90KVA
Heating power55KVA
Max. Working Temperature1050℃
Floor area (L*W*H)8100mm*7000mm*5100mm
Total weight10t
Temp. measurementK-type Thermocouple
ComponentsProcess control system, dual workstations with 2 hot wall deposition reactors, medium temperature TiCN CVD coating system, alumina deposition system, aluminum trichloride generator, etc.
Working principleCVD is a method of decomposing or chemically reacting a volatile compound gas to form a deposited film on the workpiece to be plated. The preparation of the metal source required for vapor deposition in the CVD process can realize single-layer and multi-layer composite coatings such as TiN, TiC, TiCN, and Al₂O₃. The CVD coating has high bonding strength with the substrate, strong adhesion, and good uniformity. The workpiece with complex shape can also get a uniform coating, and the film thickness can reach 5-20 microns, which makes CVD coating better wear resistance.
Major functionsCoatings that can be applied are: TiC, TiN, Ti(C, N), Al₂O₃, etc. The above CVD hard coatings have low sliding friction coefficient, high wear resistance, high fatigue resistance, and ensure that the surface has sufficient dimensional stability and high adhesion strength between the substrates.

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