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Rapid Cooling Furnace for Special Sintering of Cemented Carbide and Cermets

Place of Origin:Hunan, China
Brand Name:RDE
Model Number:DYL
Certification:ISO9001; ISO14001;: OHSAS 18001; GB/T29490;CE
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:5-6 months
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
Supply Ability:100 sets/year

This system adopts RUIDEER’s advanced ultra high speed cooling technology, which enables the equipment to start the fast cooling program at sintering temperature through fans and heat exchangers. It can significantly reduce the furnace temperature cooling time, thereby improving the surface performance and coating adhesion of hard alloy blades, and improving production efficiency.

Quick Detail:

1.Also known as Fast Cooling Sintering Furnace

2.Solutions: Cemented Carbide and Cermets etc.


General manufacturing

Medical industry

Aerospace field


Electronic product

Energy and natural resources

Environmental process

Food and beverage

Steel production

Competitive Advantage:


Quick delivery time


Technical services&solutions


Good quality with reasonable price


In-time after sales solution


One year warranty

Furnace TypeRDE-3312-1RRDE-4412-1RRDE-5518-1R
Usable Space (W*H*L)300*300*1200mm400*400*1200mm500*500*1800mm
Max.Charge Load300kg500kg1500kg
Power Rating300KVA320KVA430KVA
Cooling time≤25min≤35min≤80min
Empty furnace, cooling from sintering temperature 1450℃ to 100℃. (water temperature≤26℃, water pressure 2-3bar, 9.5bar≤Ar pressure≤9.8bar.)
Service life20 years/6000 furnace cycles
Max. Working Pressure9.8bar
Max. Working Temp.1580℃
Heating Zone2/3 Zones
Temperature MeasurementW-Re5/26 Thermocouple
Max Vacuum Degree1Pa (under cold, empty, dry furnace)
Leakage Rate3Pa/h (Average value under cold, empty, dry furnace)
Wax Collection≥98%(Argon gas negative dewaxing, 3-time average value)
Forming AgentParaffin, PEG, Rubber, (C₁₂H₂₂O₅)n etc.
Input gasN₂, Ar, H₂
Temperature Atmosphere UniformityCOM≤±0.2%, HC ≤±0.3KA/M (YC40 or YG6 granular furnace control blocks are evenly distributed in the furnace for testing).
FunctionsAutomatic Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure Leak Detection
Ar Negative Pressure Dewaxing/H₂ Micro Positive Pressure Dewaxing
Vacuum Sintering
Partial Pressure Sintering (Static, Dynamic)
Rapid Cooling

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